Friday, October 27, 2023 (11 am - 5 pm CEST)

Green materials - strategic supply chains for Italy's sustainability and competitiveness

MIND Milano Innovation District Via Cristina Belgioioso, 171 - 20157, MILANO
Marco Alvisi
Fabio Assandri
Nadia Boschi
Fabrizio Capaccioli
Costantino Chessa
Alberto Cigada
Sergio Corso
Umberto Cucchi
Luca D'Alessandro
Aldo Fiorini
Luca Fontana
Roberto Giovenco
Guido Lorenzi
Walter Mauri
Stefano Minini
Antonello Mordeglia
Astrid Palmieri
Senior Sustainability Community Manager for EMEA, BASF
Fabio Pigliacampo
Rinaldo Pinchiroli
Fulvio Puzone
Francesco Romani
Enrico Scoccimarro
Fabio Severino
Maria Sferruzza
Raffaella Sommariva
Gabriele Pietro Tavazzani
Stefano Testa
Alessandro Viviani

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an essential requirement for major industrial sectors committed to defining their competitiveness in the face of significant market changes, the revision of the ETS mechanism, the introduction of the CBAM, and the European Taxonomy for Sustainable Investments. In addition to investing in the decarbonization of their production, it is crucial for companies to act on the structure of their supply chain, ensuring access to sustainable and decarbonized energy and materials.
This meeting aims to facilitate discussions among businesses and fuel the debate surrounding the need for an industrial policy vision for Italy that can combine international competitiveness and sustainability objectives. Through open discussions with important national and multinational companies, we will delve into the opportunities and challenges within the steel and chemical industries in detail. Moreover, significant attention will be given to the construction sector, where growing sustainability requirements can drive market initiatives that are more innovative.

The meeting has already occurred